Home cloud

client: Microsoft

Image of a Home cloud Memory Block module

The insight

This project was designed in 2012.
While cloud computing is gaining popularity an important mass of user is still worried about there data location and lack of physical representation. Although it is comfortable to send all our data to Cloud storage and to access them from everywhere, it is a step many users are not yet ready to take.
The rapid development of technology and the increasing amount of data we produce means that we constantly need to upgrade our storage capacity if we want to keep all of them.

Preliminary Sketches for home cloud Image of the Home cloud base Branding

My answer

Home Cloud is a news cloud proposition developed to deal with the fear of the immateriality of the cloud computing and storage. Moreover, it is an evolutive storage system using a stackable block system allowing the users to increase their storage capacity and share pieces of information physically as they will do with a USB stick.

Image of a cluster of home cloud blocks