Uuni 2

client: Uuni

Image of Uuni 2 with roaring flame

The project

Following the success of the Uuni portable word fire pizza oven launch on Kickstarter, I was hired by Uuni Limited to redesign the product as the first version of the oven was more a prototype than a finished product. After analysing the Kickstarter backer feedbacks and testing the oven thoroughly we redesign it from the ground up.

Image of Uuni 2 Front detail Image of Uuni 2 pellets topping

My role

– Redesign of an existing product
– Communication with manufacturer
– Early prototyping and testing
– Engineering drawings
– Factory visit and prototype review (China)
– Packaging and manual design

Image of Uuni 2 legs details

The process

The redesign starting point was based on user feedbacks coming from the Kickstarter campaign. User insights were analysed and discussed to pinpoint the current issues with the design and what was working properly.

As we had to improve the way the oven worked, we made the first prototype to validate the new internal structure. After validation, CAD was made and sent out to the manufacturer to validate the feasibility according to their machinery.

The first version of the Uuni 2 was manufactured in Finland, this meant the price per unit was high and many design choices were made to reduce the cost of manufacturing. As we moved the production to China we were able to refine some part of the oven and made it easier to use and assemble.

Image of Uuni 2 viewed from the front