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client: International Baccalaureate

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The clients:

IB is an education organisation focussing on “teaching students to think critically and independently”. The IB curriculum is used by around 5000 schools in over 150 countries. They organise yearly conferences with students, teachers and education practitioners to discuss and develop ideas about the educational process.

Suklaa is an organisation focusing on making changes happen in education. They are the mind behind Oppi Festival and organise events for other organisation such as IB, Nesta.., Childnet International.

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The Project

The IB Head Wolrd Conference website was designed to evolve with the development of the conference.
This evolution was decided in 3 stages:
– The pre-conference propositions period to help build the program by getting input from the different stakeholders. Attendees were able to propose theme they would like to discuss.
– The voting period that attendees used to stream down the number of propositions.
– The live period was the final program for the conference was accessible to all attendee.

A static part of the website was used to help attendees to plan there time at the conference, linking to accommodation and travel partner as well as providing general information.

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