Future of News

client: News UK

The project

In a team of 8 (4 Graphic designers and 4 Industrial designers), we were challenged by News Uk to think about the Future of News. A scope of propositions was developed, some could be implemented immediately, other in a more distant future and a couple were more Sci-Fi and intended to provoke a debate.

My role

– Ideation and design
– Model making
– Filming and editing

The process

We kicked off the project by two days of brainstorming where we produced around 100 ideas. Each of them was discussed and rated before a selection was made to represent a timeline going from near to distant future. We organised a workshop with the clients to get feedback on our ideas and narrow down the scope.
After this second meeting, we refined 20 concepts by focusing on their implication and viability on a day to day life. This was an important focus point, news consumption is a daily act for most people and our proposition no matter how futuristic some were needed to be believable.
We defined scenarios for each of them and refined the personas they were attached to. Those scenarios were presented once again to the client and choices were made on the final project to be developed.
We refined the design of each element and created props and videos to communicate our ideas.
All materials produced were exhibited in Soho and pitched to News Uk clients and other news agency who visited the pop-up show.