Recumbent Bike

client: lm:d / ENSAM

Image of Recumbent bike Stem detail

The project

This client project was completed during my model making studies. We were asked by a design team to produce a 1/5 scaled model of a recumbent bike for a show presentation.


Image of Recumbent bike wood Frame making

My role

– Team leader, managing 4 peoples
– Client communication
– Assets management (CAD files and Engineering drawings)
– CAD conversion for CNC ready file
– CNC supervision
– Parts production and assembly

Image of Recumbent bike assembly Planning image of Recumbent bike all pieces ready for assembly

The process

After reviewing all the CAD assets and engineering drawings, each team member was allocated a role and a set of pieces to be produced.
I converted the CAD files that needed to be made with the CNC and started the manufacturing.
I was in charge of the wooden part of the seat, made by laminating wood into a mould, the same manufacturing method would be used to make the bike scale 1. I also built rigs to make the wheels as realistic as possible, supervised and took part in the final assembly step.
This project helped me understand the link between designer and model and prototype maker and still help me in my communication with manufacturer today.

Recumbent bike view of the battery pack Image of Recumbent bike Wheel details


Recumbent bike full view on support