Uuni Pro

client: Uuni

Image of an Uuni Pro with pizza door and fire

The project

With a flagship product doing great on the market segment, we once again gathered feedbacks from our customers and retailers to figure out what they wanted next. These analyses lead us to create a brief for Uuni Pro, a bigger non-portable (still transportable) and more premium version of the Uuni 2.

Image of an Uuni Pro paper mockup

My role

– Lead designer
– Communication with manufacturer
– Prototyping and testing
– CAD and Engineering drawings 
– Factory visit and preproduction sample review (China)
– User testing and review
– Packaging and manual design

Image of an Uuni Pro prototype flat parts Image of an Uuni Pro prototype being made Image of an Uuni Pro Early prototype

The process

We started this project by getting feedbacks from our user and retailer regarding the size a bigger oven should be. After getting this information we built full-scale cardboard models to get a better grasp of the external dimensions when taking into account insulation, stone size… We also made a functional early prototype with refractory plaster boards to see if we could cook inside and decide the minimum size of the burning area.
A first iteration of the design and a CAD was used to make a prototype in-house that we tested and refined.
All the new findings were transferred back to the CAD model before restarting the cycle.
After a couple of iteration and the information gained while visiting our manufacturer we ask them to make a final prototype and started the stamps and die cut production.

Image of an Uuni Pro with the glass door and fired Image of an Uuni Pro with the pizza door Image of an Uuni Pro from the side