Lego® Packaging

client: Self

Lego Architecture - Final packaging rendered in KeyShot

Disclaimer: this is a prospective project.
Lego® Architecture is a branch of Lego® targeting an older public, that is if Lego® is targeted toward children in a first place, which is arguable! Although it is a standout product from the classic Lego® line it’s packaging do not reflect it.

Problem with current Lego® Architecture packagings

The boxes are always oversized, more than half of the box is empty most of the time. Why? There might be several reasons for this. In a first hand, the sound plays an important part here, a box of Lego® as a really peculiar sound when you pick it up. Another reason is that you need the product to be seen on the shelve, and a box too small would undermine its presence. And last but not least the leaflet cannot be made to small if it is to stay readable.

Lego Architecture - Original packaging - Space analysis

After analysing the box content, the space that each element takes and possible new arrangement I started sketching new boxes shape.
The packaging was divided diagonally to keep an important front area and the back corner cut to bring a sculptural effect to the box. A hole in the front panel allows a sneak pick of the inside of the box and shows the front cover of the manual that will be designed as an old style blueprint.

Lego Architecture - Original packaging - Content analysis

White models

Several volume tests were carried to allow the best use of space while kipping the sound quality of the original Lego® Architecture box. Light paper models were made to test the shape before readjusting and producing a better quality prototype.

Lego Packaging - White box - In the making, tracing and cutting Lego Packaging - White model box - New shape - Closed Lego Packaging - White box and content, testing the fit Lego Packaging - White box and content, testing the fit Lego Packaging - White box and content, closed, testing the fit

Final packaging design

When the previous steps were satisfactory, a final version of the packaging outline was vectorised and used to complete the graphic design part of the packaging. As the redesign was structural the graphic layout was only changed to accommodate the new shape